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Connect with all your favourite artists in more ways through a platform
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How do I sign up to OBL?2019-04-15T17:27:17+11:00

In the OBL website, go to Get OneBigLink. https://onebiglink.com.au/get-onebiglink/

Here you can choose the free limited content option LITE (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) or

the Premium option that gives you access to all the OneBigLink content options.

  • Webpage URLs
  • Images
  • Advertising
  • Youtube
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram &
  • Twitter
How do I change the content in my OneBigLink?2019-04-15T17:27:50+11:00

How is the content in a OneBigLink updated?

The content is managed using the tapnfeel Content Management System(CMS).  The CMS allows customers to manage content in a number of different ways. For example by changing :-

  • links to online sites,
  • images
  • videos and
  • music playlists

Facebook and Twitter are automatically updated with the three latest posts.

Upon request for a small fee,  the CMS is also able to be upgraded to add new online platforms or additional links.

Details of how to update your OneBigLink will be provided to you upon purchase of a OneBigLink

Different Ways to Use Your OneBigLink2019-04-15T17:28:26+11:00

Here are some things you may not know


  • You can also get a OneBigLink in a physical NFC tag?  The same content can be accessed when you tap on an NFC tag with your smart phone.  There are many options for the type of NFC tag.  It could be  comes in a number Contact us at OneBigLink and we can help you order your OneBigLink NFC tags.


  • You can insert your OneBigLink into any digital document as a hyperlink.


Is OBL entirely music based, or can I use it for other purposes, such as promoting my small business?2019-04-15T18:36:03+11:00

OneBigLink can be used for any purpose.

Initially we have focused on using it for music based entities but as you can see we are already branching into related businesses such as photography.

Once the initial music based system is bedded down we will be expanding into other categories.

In the meantime if there is an additional online service you would like to see added to OneBigLink to assist you in promoting your business, then please send us a request and we will see what can be done.

You can contact us here https://onebiglink.com.au/contact/

How can I get included in your newsletter?2019-04-15T17:29:19+11:00

Contact us using the contact form and we will get back to your promptly to discuss your request.

Can I Advertise with OneBigLink?2019-04-15T17:29:38+11:00

Yes your OneBigLink is effectively a marketing advertising tool.  You can use it to advertise what ever you like.

You can also advertise on the OneBigLink website and also in  our parent company Amnplify’s website and newsletter.  To do that, please contact us using the contact form

Can I get a OneBigLink in an NFC tag?2019-04-15T18:47:57+11:00

Yes you can order physical NFC tags and embed your OneBigLink.

The same content can then be accessed when you tap on an NFC tag with your smart phone.  There are many options for the type of NFC tag you can order.  It could be a stick on label, a business card, a drink coaster and other options. Contact us at OneBigLink using the contact form and we can help you order your OneBigLink NFC tags.

Can I cancel my OBL subscription at any time? Will there be a cancelation fee?2019-04-15T18:48:15+11:00

Yes you can cancel your OBL subscription at any time.  There is no cancellation fee.

In fact the first 3 months of the Premium subscription is free.



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OneBigLink is owned by the Australian Musician Network Pty Ltd “AMN”  and trades as Amnplify www.amnplify.com

AMN has been providing services to the live music industry since 2012. Through working with artists over 7 years this experience of working with and alongside artists has led us to create our new product OneBigLink. OneBigLink is part of the TapnFeel platform of products.  (www.tapnfeel.com).